Household Pressure Manual Dumpling Skin Wrapper Mold Dough Press Dumpling Maker

Note: The dumpling maker that showing in this page, it is made of PP +SS430 materials, not ABS materials. As we know, PP materials is cheaper than ABS materials. 
If you need the better quality ABS materials dumpling maker, please click the following picture to another link to check the price.


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Detailed Information
This manual dumpling maker adopts the new technology of making dumplings with the automatic pressing of the dough. The dough will not heat up and will not gelatinize. The noodle quality and gluten are well maintained, and the dumplings taste good. Using dual-control two-way synchronous quantitative feeding method, only the dough and fillings need to be put in the production Designate the entrance, start to automatically produce dumplings, which is a good helper for home and commercial use.
Commodity Name: Automatic Manual Double Heads Dumpling MouldMaterials: PP+SS430Packing: Colorful carton casePacked Weight: 0.44kgPacked Size: 20.5*12.5*14.5cmOne large carton case can hold 24pcs dumpling maker.
Faster Efficiency: There are two dumpling slots, you can make two at once, or make different delicacies at the same time.
Easy to Use: Put the dumpling skin and filling in place and press lightly to finish. Even small children can use it easily.
Satisfy your culinary needs: Making dumplings is fast and convenient, with a beautiful appearance.
New Cooking Experience: Experience the joy of cooking with your family.

Production Steps:
1. Turn on the switch;
2. Put the dumpling skin and add the filling;
3. Press down in the middle to finish the dumpling making. (If skins are bought from market, need brush few water)
4. You can steam/boil/bake/fry to make your delicious dumplings.

Machine Specification:

Manual dumpling maker
No power needed
Machine Materials
Single package
23X18X16 cm
Single gross weight
0.600 kg
This small manual dumpling maker is packed in colorful carton case. 24pieces can fill in one carton case. Packed Size: 52.5*43*45.5cm. Packed Weight:12kg.

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